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JJB Electronics Prestige 220 Surface Mount Ukulele Pickup

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These are built using very high quality 20mm piezo's. The dual 20mm configuration is designed to pick up the full range in most any acoustic stringed instrument. It utilizes a double surface transducer design. This results in a wide frequency range and very natural reproduction of sound. The two-piezo configuration offers a few advantages over single piezo systems. Having two piezo’s affords you the opportunity to place them at two different points on the soundboard thus resulting in an improved dynamic range due to the fact that they transmit the resonance found at more than one point. These special surface transducers are under less pressure than under saddle pickups thus decreasing the likelihood of them transmitting a percussive or harsh sound. Each piezo is designed to pick up the resonance found in a significant amount of the soundboard. These do not "fade" or distort at high volume or with high-power systems. The highs are crystal clear while the lows are what they should be, low!

All JJB products feature quality components and construction. These utilize a premium quality Switchcraft style 1/4” nickel plated end-pin jack. This system will give you a very
“clean” install for those who do not want to compromise the integrity of their beloved instrument. The end-pin jack also doubles as a strap button.

These can be installed in about an hour. They are a very simple and inexpensive means of turning your acoustic instruments in to acoustic electric.

All Aloha City Ukes receive a full set up before they are shipped out so they'll arrive in optimal playing condition.

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