The baritone ukulele is about as close to as a guitar as you can get. Baritone ukes are tuned like the high 4 strings on a guitar, D G B E. They have a 19" scale which is 2" longer than the tenor ukulele. Baritones have a nice rich, deep tone due to the larger body. A lot of people like them because they have a lot of room for your fingers on the fretboard.

*You can also purchase baritone conversion strings which allow you to tune your baritone like a standard ukulele, G C E A. We sell the Aquila Baritone Conversion Strings and the PHD Conversion strings. 

Choose from our selection of  baritone ukulele from great makers like Kala, Ohana, Lanikai and Pono, Makaio, Kanile'a and more.