School Ukulele Program

Join the many schools who are adding the ukulele to their music programs. The kids, teachers and parents are loving it as the ukulele is the happiest instrument on the planet.

We want to help you bring some aloha and the joy of the ukulele into your classroom. We are committed to spreading the joy of playing the ukulele to the world, that is why our store specializes only in ukuleles! We offer quality ukuleles at a competitive price with free shipping.

Our Makala Ukulele Kit Includes:

Makala Ukulele, Padded Carrying Case w/Pocket and Shoulder Strap, Easy To Use Digital Tuner, Instructional Pamphlet. 



Here are some tips for starting a school ukulele program:

1. Make sure you get decent ukuleles!! I can't emphasize this enough. Ukuleles that don't sound good or won't stay in tune will immediately discourage people from playing. Yes, it's easy to order $30-$60 ukuleles from a large online retailer. The problem is that those ukuleles are almost always of very low quality with no inspection process before they get to you. You don't have to break the bank, but you do need to get close to $100 to get a nice instrument that will stay in tune and encourage people to play.

2. Get Digital Headstock Tuners. Getting everyone in tune quickly and easily is imperative to a successful class. Digital headstock tuners are easy to use and will help keep everyone in tune. It's a good idea to tune the ukes beforehand so the kids don't really have to do much but digital tuners make it super easy to fine tune.

3. Teach easy 2 or 3 chord songs to start. C, F, Am and G are the most popular chords to teach beginners. Countless songs can be played with these four chords alone. Try to pick popular songs that the kids know as it's always easier to play and sing along to something you're already familiar with. 

4. Determine how many kids you have in your largest class and order 3 more ukuleles than that. It's always good to have a few extra as things happen, strings break, the instructor will need one, another teacher might want to learn also. It's better to have an extra uke or 2 than to be short and someone can't play. 

5. Get the parents involved. Hosting a concert is a great way to get the parents excited about the ukulele also. Plus, the kids love playing, singing and performing as a group.  


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