Flight TUSL-KIDZ Blue Concert Scale Soprano Ukulele w/Case and Strings Hal Leonard

Flight TUSL-KIDZ Blue Concert Scale Soprano Ukulele w/Case and Strings

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The ukulele is becoming a popular instrument–for good reason–in schools throughout the world.  Schools are a challenging environment for any instrument, and quite frankly, most ukuleles are not up to the challenge.  The Flight Travel Ukulele is the ideal ukulele for use in the school environment as they are tough, can be cleaned, and are not susceptible to sharp fret ends or changes in humidity.  Most importantly, they play great and sound great.

On top of it all, the KIDZ ukulele includes an extra set of Aquila Kids Strings which will help schools dealing with tough budgets and a specially designed start-up booklet.  We believe this is the best ukulele that a school can buy, and it is a great value for other players, too!

  • Size: Soprano with Concert Scale
  • Top: Linden
  • Back & Sides: Composite
  • Neck: ABS
  • Bridge: ABS
  • Fingerboard: ABS
  • Binding: None
  • Nut & Saddle:  ABS
  • Tuners: Chrome/Black
  • Overall Length: 24"
  • Width: 8"
  • Depth: 2.75"
  • Strings: Aquila
  • Electronics: No
  • Strap Button: Yes
  • Case: Flight Carrying Bag



*All of our ukuleles are inspected and adjusted before they are shipped. Our goal is to provide you with a ukulele that is set-up for optimal playability on arrival. Our facility is meticulously humidified to maintain optimal humidity % for ukuleles to thrive in. We also partner with manufacturers that take pride in their work. Ukes are set-up and inspected prior to shipping to us so there's usually not much to adjust. However, climates and conditions can change during shipments and is why we inspect every instrument before we ship to you. We inspect things like...

Level frets, smooth fret ends, optimal string height at the 3rd and 12th fret, nut and saddle heights, conditioning of the fretboard, functionality of electronics and tuner (if applicable), tuning key function, neck buzz, and overall cosmetic appearance. As always, we don't send anything out that we wouldn't want to play ourselves. Aloha!!

All Aloha City Ukes are inspected, conditioned, polished and set up as necessary.  Most of our manufacturers inspect the ukes and set them up before we get them, however if they need extra attention from changes in climate or anything else,  we always address it before it goes out. We can also add a strap button for an additional $8.00 or do a Low G string conversion for $5.00. As always, I don't send anything out that I wouldn't want to play myself. Aloha !!  

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