SNAIL Koa Ukulele - Hibiscus Inlay - Solid Top BHHT UKULELE Aloha City Ukes
SNAIL Koa Ukulele - Hibiscus Inlay - Solid Top - Aloha City Ukes
SNAIL Koa Ukulele - Hibiscus Inlay - Solid Top - Aloha City Ukes
SNAIL Koa Ukulele - Hibiscus Inlay - Solid Top - Aloha City Ukes

SNAIL Tenor Ukulele - Hibiscus Inlay - Solid Koa Top

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Absolutely gorgeous Snail tenor ukulele with a solid koa top and mahogany back and sides.The understated hibiscus inlay on the fretboard adds a nice touch of elegance as does the abalone soundhole rosette. The ultra fast neck makes it a joy to play for long periods of time. Aloha !!

Snail ukuleles have been one of the best surprises that we have come across. They make consistently great ukes that really sound, play and look great. We have already added a couple to our family collection. The neck on the Snails is nice and thin and very fast playing. The strings are also super smooth and it's just as easy to play stuff on the 12th fret as it is the 1st through 3rd. While they have the full length scale, they are just a little bit smaller overall than other instruments in their class, which a lot of people like. 

Snail Tenor Ukulele Solid Koa Top Gloss Finiah


*All of our ukuleles are inspected and adjusted if necessary before they are sent out. Our goal is to provide you with a ukulele that is set up for optimal playability on arrival. Our facility is meticulously humidified to maintain the optimal humidity % for ukuleles to thrive in. We also deal with manufacturers that take pride in their work, most of them set up and inspect all of the ukes before they send them to us so there is usually not much to do to them. However, climates change and things happen which is why we look at every uke that gets sent out. Some of the things we check for are:

Level frets, smooth fret ends, optimal string height at the nut and saddle, conditioning of the fretboard, functionality of electronics and tuner (if applicable), tuning key tightness, buzzes on the neck, overall cosmetic appearance. As always, we don't send anything out that we wouldn't want to play ourselves. Aloha !!

All Aloha City Ukes are inspected, conditioned, polished and set up as necessary.  Most of our manufacturers inspect the ukes and set them up before we get them, however if they need extra attention from changes in climate or anything else,  we always address it before it goes out. We can also add a strap button for an additional $8.00 or do a Low G string conversion for $5.00. As always, I don't send anything out that I wouldn't want to play myself. Aloha !!  

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